Monday, November 21, 2011

Maneurysm - Disecting The Remains Of Humanity (1999 - Yellow Dog Records - USA)

Tracklisting :
A2 - Inheritance II (2:18)
A3 - Amputation (0:51)
A4 - Death Of A Mark (1:08)
A5 - Fading (1:34)
B1 - Siphon (1:01)
B2 - Reharvest (0:47)
B3 - Embalming Fluid (0:39)
B4 - Standing On The Throat Of Solution (2:05)
B5 - Bleed Me Dry (1:57)

You're depressed ? You feel alone ? You haven't smiled since last time your family payed you a visit (9 years ago, before all of them were eaten by a bunch of desperate homeless people) ? Go listen to something else. But if you like to be reminded from time to time, with screams and saturation destroying your eardrums, how much human being is a fucking cockroach, this could be your thing. Chaotic, grim and dark crust/hardcore which will crush your brain like a pecan nut between lion's teeth, with some members of Default, great Dropdead-like band of the mid-90's. The guitarist then played the drums in Words That Burn.
Think Index for a Potential Suicide and From Ashes Rise for the incontrovertible crossed comparison and name-dropping. Plus Creation of Crucifixion for the few samples and the societal/alienation-themed/work oriented lyrics. A short but intense 15 minutes concept album. With clumsy typo in the title. Or maybe there's an hiden meanning...

Listen here.


  1. C'est parti en fanfare et pouf, plus rien.

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  3. Tagalog, tagalog, here come the Daltons.