Monday, November 21, 2011

Maneurysm - Disecting The Remains Of Humanity (1999 - Yellow Dog Records - USA)

Tracklisting :
A2 - Inheritance II (2:18)
A3 - Amputation (0:51)
A4 - Death Of A Mark (1:08)
A5 - Fading (1:34)
B1 - Siphon (1:01)
B2 - Reharvest (0:47)
B3 - Embalming Fluid (0:39)
B4 - Standing On The Throat Of Solution (2:05)
B5 - Bleed Me Dry (1:57)

You're depressed ? You feel alone ? You haven't smiled since last time your family payed you a visit (9 years ago, before all of them were eaten by a bunch of desperate homeless people) ? Go listen to something else. But if you like to be reminded from time to time, with screams and saturation destroying your eardrums, how much human being is a fucking cockroach, this could be your thing. Chaotic, grim and dark crust/hardcore which will crush your brain like a pecan nut between lion's teeth, with some members of Default, great Dropdead-like band of the mid-90's. The guitarist then played the drums in Words That Burn.
Think Index for a Potential Suicide and From Ashes Rise for the incontrovertible crossed comparison and name-dropping. Plus Creation of Crucifixion for the few samples and the societal/alienation-themed/work oriented lyrics. A short but intense 15 minutes concept album. With clumsy typo in the title. Or maybe there's an hiden meanning...

Listen here.

Winchester 73 - Fäuste, Bohnen, Fünf Kanonen (2001 - Scene Police - Germany)

Tracklisting :
A2 - Bullets for Breakfast (2:20)
B1 - A Town Called Bastard (1:30)
B2 - They Died with their Boots On (2:42)

Impact changed their name to Winchester 73 after the arrival of a new guitarist and a new drummer but pushed even further their western references, especially spaghetti ones, from titles and lyrics to visuals (nice 4-panels cover by the way). Old-school and catchy hardcore between Angry Samoans and Washington DC sound (Dischord anyone ?). Not really unforgettable but a lot of fun and positive energy (too bad the voice is a bit too forward). Watch your feet, they're moving without you.
This is they're second single on Scene Police after Sein Wechselgeld Ist Blei and its Clint Eastwood-based artwork.

Ride your horse here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Battle Royale 7" s/t (2003 - Vendetta Records - Germany)

Tracklisting :
A1 - Zurück Auf Den Boden Der Tatsachen (3:58)
B2 - 180° Und Ab (3:43)

No teenagers with knives and guns here, only tough guys playing a fast and nervous metallic hardcore with a death metal flavour, like a lesser brutal Mörser. Remind me a bit of what Lifeforce released in the 90's, nothing surprising since there are ex-Disrespect in the band. Strong and deep lyrics. Well i'm sure they are, but my German isn't what he once was.
After this 7", the battle was already over but not without a intense fight in three acts with sharp guitars. Guys followed then their route in new war machines (Shortage and Final Prayer).
One of the first releases of Vendetta Records, now they're more into sludge with trendy-but-great bands like Thou, Moloch or Salome.

Listen here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Dollars Out The Door - Champagnes of Fear (2007 - Rock Bottom - USA)

Tracklisting :
A1 - Brown Baggin Dragons (3:22)
A2 - Prizin Tattoos (1:20)
A3 - Motorcycle Cop (3:03)
A4 - Burning Will, Reform Me (2:18)
A5 - Sirens Approach (2:53)
B1 - Scars & Moves (3:03)
B2 - Death to False Rebels (3:14)
B3 - Modelo & Bunkbedz Is Passe (2:25)
B4 - Out the Door (3:35)

First (and only ?) record from this bass/drum duo from San Francisco, Champagnes of Fear looks like the incestuous union between a fuzz pedal, Public Image Ltd circa Flowers of Romance and Elvis singing with enough reverb to break every single windows of a 20-story building. Ultra lo-fi post-punk who goes straight to the point : make noise, but with style. After that, they changed their name to Cointelbros and released a tape, that's all I know.
Nice holed packaging reminding me of Kotadelic Cytex by Volume 11 or In_Silico by Creation is Crucifixion.

Listen here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Klonopin 7" s/t (20?? - self-released - USA)

Tracklisting :
A1 - Crude & Heartless (1:18)
A2 - Fat Men (1:05)
A3 - Goes to the Beach (1:05)
A4 - Straight Edge Nightmare (0:23)
A5 - SKB (0:58)
B2 - Inclination to Retreat from Unpleasant Realities (0:36)
B3 - Soldier Death Call (1:18)
B4 - Christian Zombie-Attack (0:30)
B5 - K9 Arson (1:08)

Well, not much info on that one, even inside the cover. Some names, photos, lyrics and a not working anymore e-mail address. But one thing i know for sure : it's a fucking masterpiece ! Californian fast-thrash with a metallic vibe ala KungFu Rick. Put your head in a washing machine at full speed and you'll have an idea.
Self-released on clear vinyl.

Listen here.

Reply - Rage. Scream. Live (2003 - Grave Escape - Belgium)

Tracklisting :
A1 - Nullarbor-Phobia (2:17)
A2 - Postscript Writers-Bloc (2:29)
A3 - Dukes And Earls (2:45)
A4 - Father (3:16)
A5 - Torture Of Death By The Thousand Cuts (2:29)
A6 - You All Look Like You (3:25)
B1 - Rage.Scream.Live. (7:08)
B2 - Cul-De-Sac (3:24)
B3 - From The Gutter To The Gutter (0:40)
B4 - DFA (1:42)
B5 - Untitled (7:03)

Great chaos from Belgium, these guys had without a doubt records by Botch, Coalesce or Converge on their shelves. And they overcome all the US school of useless noisemathcoremyballs shitty followers on their own ground.
After a first 7" in 1998, a split EP in 1999 with Circle (a Belgian hardcore band, not the crazy prolific folks from Finland) and Exit Nineteen, their first LP in 2000 and another EP in 2002, Reply records their second LP in 2003 with a new singer before their guitarist decides to leave the band. The unavoidable split will follow and Rage. Scream. Live. will be their last and posthumous release.

Must be classified near Rubbish Heap on the list of the Belgian bands who should have been very big in the last decade but are nearly forgotten nowadays.
300 hand-numbered limited copies.

Listen here.

Acedia 7" s/t (2002 - Copter Crash - USA)

A - The Swarms Will Come to Slaughter the Hogs (5:00)
B - Scarred Angel Wings (3:34)

Released in 2002 on now defunct Copter Crash Records (when they signed bands like Transistor Transistor or The Saddest Landscape and were not yet into goredeathgrind shit), this eponym 7" from Acedia is a cross between early H8000 and Trustkill bands, when the style was still full of intensity. Fast metallic assault with insidious melodies, not unlike Dawn of Orion.
On clear vinyl (limited to 300 copies total).

Listen here.